The Importance of Well Trained RTO Staff

“It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right.”

Successful author and speaker Mark Hunter hits the nail on the head with this quote about creating sales for your company.

The 2016 Shed Builder Survey published in the April/May issue shows that while the majority of sheds sold last year were cash or other sales, one-fourth of all sales involved rent-to-own contracts. This number will continue to grow as more consumers understand the rent-to-own industry, and as the shed industry continues to expand overall.

How do shed manufacturers increase their customer base and sales revenue based on this trend? It starts with adequately explaining the benefits of rent-to-own to potential customers who do not have the option of a cash purchase.

While this sounds easy enough, if your sales staff does not fully understand the ins and outs of rent-to-own, they will not be able to convey the proper information to customers.

A greater emphasis on training sales staff in rent-to-own policies and procedures can make a significant difference in your bottom line. Whether you operate at a single location or have multiple retail locations, the result is the same. To increase revenue, you have to sell more products. To sell more products, you need a wider range of customers. Rent-to-own allows you to successfully reach a customer base that has been overlooked in the shed industry.

Consumers who do not have cash on hand for large purchases can be timid, nervous, and hesitant to enter into a sales agreement if they do not fully understand what they are getting into.

These consumers need a sales person to guide them through the process with a knowledgeable and gentle hand that can only be achieved when the sales person is fully trained in rent-to-own issues.

A customer will always buy from the company that is best able to explain what they are entering into. Poorly trained sales staff can have a negative impact on your overall sales revenue.

With its rules and regulations, rent-to-own can seem like uncharted waters for many manufacturers. While it is important to find rent-to-own providers well-versed on laws and policies, it is equally important for manufacturers to stay up-to-date on rent-to-own training of their sales staff at all levels.

This is part of the purpose of the National Barn and Storage Rental Association (NBSRA). When you become a member of the NBSRA, you gain access to information and conferences that bring all relevant issues of the industry to your company.

You cannot train your staff on a topic you are not informed on. Take the guesswork out of rent-to-own and begin explaining and selling with confidence and a well-trained sales staff.

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