As in all start-up businesses there is the mom and pop stage where someone gets an idea and they begin small, by dipping their toes into the water. The Rent-to-Own shed industry is no exception. As Leland Ulrich watched RTO emerge in the shed industry, he longed for an association that would lead the way because he understood some of the many dangers that lurk when enterprises grow too fast without a proper foundation in place.

Timing in the shed industry was right, consumer’s appetite for rent-to-own was ripe, so the feet wetting part was short lived as the business model of RTO exploded from “concept” to “reality” and ultimately a “necessity” within a few short years. Leland clearly understood that there were many unknowns to operating a RTO business which could lead to unassuming mistakes, sloppy business practices or being on the wrong side of legal issues. This nearly happened to his company in a landmark court case that helped shape the foundation for what has become NBSRA, the National Barn & Storage Rental Association.

In the beginning, Leland reached out to a few friends in the industry and quickly discovered how they all seemed to have a mutual need for technical and legal assistance regarding their rent-to-own operations. They agreed to form a team and bring to life NBSRA in 2009. What was started by four board members has grown from a dozen RTO companies represented at the first conference to now an average 58 companies and 125 members at our annual event.

NBSRA is run by an advisory board comprised of RTO owners and CEOs who know and understand what is going on in the RTO shed industry. The advisory board offers input and suggestions to the board of directors for their review and final decision-making.

NBSRA is a member of the Association of Progressive Rental Organizations. Founded in 1980, APRO is the international voice for the rent-to-own companies who offer consumer items like appliances and furniture and many types of commercial equipment. As a nonprofit trade association, APRO represents the rent-to-own shed industry before the U.S. Congress, Internal Revenue Service, state legislatures, the courts, media, and the public.

The vision and purpose of NBSRA is to create a platform for healthy interactions for all those within the barn and storage rental business; to exchange views, promote the general welfare, and evaluate the industry best practices in order to help guide the industry’s future as it pertains to legislation. NBSRA also seeks to encourage industry practices in accordance with God’s principles. This results in superior customer service and satisfaction.

As an organization, NBSRA seeks to provide helpful tools to the RTO shed industry by raising awareness of legal issues, providing updated information on ethical and trustworthy business practices, and networking with others in the industry.

In an effort to bring consistency and connectedness to the RTO shed industry, NBSRA hosts an annual event where all RTO shed companies, not just members, are invited to gather for a day and a half of networking. This provides a venue for RTO shed companies to ask questions and receive answers from authorities in the industry. At the NBSRA conference, the needs of RTO companies in the field are brought to the surface. Ethical and legal solutions are offered. This in turn equips RTO companies to go out and do their jobs legally and professionally.


Bring together the Rent to Own barn and Storage Industry, to encourage and promote practices that protect the industries’ future against harmful legislation. Establish and encourage industry practices that are in accordance with God’s principles.


To network the RTO Barn and Storage industry leaders
To certify RTO Barn and Storage companies and agencies
To improve legislative participation
To enhance public image
To increase products & services
To create a common language
To protect consumer
To create industry standards